Private Webmail 2.0: Simple and Easy-to-Use Secure Email

Private Webmail 2.0 (Pwm 2.0) improves upon the current state of the art by increasing the usability and practical security of secure email for ordinary users. More users are able to send and receive encrypted emails without mistakenly revealing sensitive information. In this paper we describe four user interface traits that positively affect the usability and security of Pwm 2.0. In a user study involving 51 participants we validate that these interface modifications result in high usability, few mistakes, and a strong understanding of the protection provided to secure email messages. We also show that the use of manual encryption has no effect on usability or security.

S. Ruoti, J. Andersen, T. Hendershot, D. Zappala, K. Seamons. Private Webmail 2.0: Simple and Easy-to-Use Secure Email, 29th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST 2016). ACM, 2016.

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