PhD Dissertations
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Tim van der Horst. Convenient Decentralized Authentication using Passwords. April 2010. [Presentation]

Master’s Theses
Brad Spendlove. Security Analysis and Recommendations for CONIKS as a PKI Solution for Mobile Applications. December 2018.
Luke Dickinson.Certificate Revocation Table: Leveraging Locality of Reference in Web Requests to Improve TLS Certificate Revocation. October 2018.
Ken Reese. Evaluating the Usability of Two-Factor Authentication. May 2018.
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Song Yuanzheng. Browser-Based Manual Encryption. August 2014.
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Nathan Kim. Message Protector: Demonstrating that Manual Encryption Improves Usability. May 2013.
Chris Robison. Secure Browser-Based Instant Messaging. December 2012.
Pavan Vankamamidi. Proofs of Correctness for Three Decentralized Authentication Protocols Using Strand Spaces. June 2011.
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